The aim of BIFAP is to promote public health by establishing a computerized database gathering information provided by general practitioners and pediatricians working in the Spanish National Health Service. BIFAP database includes clinical and prescription data from around 4.8 million patients.

The information related to patients is kept completely confidential, strictly adhering to the current Spanish and European legislation. Collaboration in BIFAP of general practitioners and pediatricians is personal, individual and voluntary.

BIFAP is a non-profit research program operated by the Spanish Medicines Agency (Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios - AEMPS), a public agency belonging to the Spanish Department of Health. The database is public, and its use is solely for carrying out pharmacoepidemiological studies. The main use of BIFAP is to evaluate the beneficial and adverse effects of drugs as used in the general population. The database is restricted to research purposes only.

The purpose of the Scientific Advisory Board of BIFAP is to ensure the scientific and technical quality, relevance, feasibility and interest of the research projects realized, as well as other related activities that may affect the quality of the information of the database.

BIFAP is the largest and most detailed source of public information for the accomplishment of pharmacoepidemiological studies in Spain and one of the largest in Europe.